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Rebate Programs

Energy EffeciencyRebate Programs

The City of Columbia offers several ways that you can improve the energy efficiency of your rental property. Whether the landlord or the tenant are responsible for paying for the utilities, it can significantly add to the monthly budget. Rebate programs offered by the City can help save on energy costs. 

Rebate Programs are available for:

Air Conditioner/Heat Pump: As much as half the energy used in your home can go to keeping it heated or cooled.  If your cooling system is older than 10 years, you have frequent service problems and/or you see your utility bills going up, it is time to consider installing a new unit. Rebate Application.

Solar Water Heater: Solar water heating is a simple, efficient, and affordable technology that can cut water heating costs by 50 – 80%.  A family of four generally needs two 4’ X 8’ collector panels connected to an 80 gallon storage tank.  The insulated tank holds the hot water until you need it.  It requires little maintenance and helps create a sustainable environment with less dependency on energy created from fossil fuels. Rebate Application.

Photovoltaic System Rebate: Columbia Water & Light offers a one-time $500 per kilowatt rebate for qualifying. There is a 10 Kilowatt cap on Columbia Water & Light’s solar energy system rebate. If you are planning to install a larger system, please contact Water & Light about the possibility of a special arrangement.