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The Facts about Columbia's Neighborhoods

How do I find out if my neighborhood has an association?

Contact the Office of Neighborhood Services (ONS) by phone or email.  You may also visit our website.

What is the benefit of an active neighborhood group?

  1. Notification of organization president or designated contact person by City staff of pending zoning and subdivision applications in or near your neighborhood. These will include public hearing meeting dates and times at which your views can be presented.
  2. Notification of city-initiated projects such as street or park improvements within your neighborhood and a description of how your input can be heard.
  3. In some older neighborhoods, federal funds are available for housing and public improvements.
  4. Provides the opportunity for private developers and city officials to describe and discuss proposed projects which affect your neighborhood. You will have a unique opportunity to shape the development of the community.
  5. City staff is generally available to provide information at organizational meetings or to speak to your group.
  6. Participate with other organizations in improving the quality of life in Columbia.

What are examples of ways that neighbors have worked together through their association? Examples of projects initiated by neighborhood associations include adding speed humps to high traffic residential streets, bringing concentrated code enforcement efforts from the City into their area, and working with developers and the City to build a consensus on how new developments take shape. Other neighborhood activities might be social activities, working on a neighborhood garden or organizing a neighborhood cleanup.

How can I get involved with Neighborhood Watch?

Contact the Columbia Neighborhood Watch board at may also contact ONS for more information. Please know that you don’t have to have an organized neighborhood association in order to participate in Neighborhood Watch.

I Live In A Neighborhood Without An Association. How do I get started?

Identify neighborhood leaders, designate boundaries and hold an organizational meeting.  ONS staff will walk you through the process and insure that your neighborhood association receives official City Council recognition. 

For More Information: 

City of Columbia Community Development Department

Office of Neighborhood Services