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Group Home Registration

In addition to completing the appropriate rental application and having the applicable inspections conducted, a rental property registering as a group home for the mentally and physically handicapped must meet the following conditions:

  1. Any such group home shall not be located within a one thousand (1,000) foot radius of another such group home in any specific single-family neighborhood. The Office of Neighborhood Services is available to assist in determining if the 1,000 foot radius restriction is met.
  2. Before operating such group home, the owner or operator of the home shall register with the Community Development  Department and shall sign an affidavit certifying that the home will be in compliance with subsection (1) above.
  3. The exterior appearance of the home and property shall be in reasonable conformance with the general neighborhood standards.

A fillable affidavit is provided below for your use. Additional questions can be directed to the Office of Neighborhood Services at (573) 817-5050 or

Information Provided By: Columbia Housing Authority