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Things to Consider Before Moving In


One of the most important questions a student needs to ask themselves is, “How much can I afford to spend?” When deciding where to live know beforehand how much you can spend a month on rent. This will help you calculate out your budget and expenses or the year.

One of the most common mistakes is not budgeting for a 12-month lease. Many property owners will only give you this option. So, be sure to calculate all of you expenses on a 12-month budget. It is possible to sublease, but this is at the discretion of your property owner. Calculate the cost of living , such as rent, utilities, groceries, and other expenditures, when assessing your needs.


Is it important to you that you live in walking distance of campus? If you said yes, then it would be important to start your search for housing much sooner than if you do not mind a commute. If commuting to campus is an option for you it is important to consider transportation. Will you have a car? If so, are you going to have a place to park on campus? Do you plan on using Columbia transit? Make sure you find routes and accessibility when looking for your new place.

If you are concerned about other locations, such as work or grocery stores within walking distance, consider how you might get to these services from your possible housing. Prioritizing is the key to success when choosing what kind of conveniences you would like.


Being a college student is only one of the items that make up who you are. When deciding on a location in Columbia it is important to surround yourself with an atmosphere that best fits who you are. If you are looking for a quiet place it would probably be in your best interest to find a location which was more geared towards families and higher degree seeking students.

However, if you want to be surrounded by a community closely entwined with the campus it would be best to find a location which houses many MU students. This would allow you to stay in touch with many Mizzou activities such as football games and other on campus activities.


Columbia is known for being an exceptional place to live. It has one of the lowest crime rates of any city its size in the country. However, that does not mean that crimes do not exist. When searching for housing find a place you feel comfortable in. Just because the price and location are great does not mean you have to live there if you do not feel comfortable.

Information Provided By: University of Missouri Off-Campus Student Services