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Plan Your Move

Before You Move

When moving to your new place it is important to stay organized so that you can have a stress free move. Follow these tips for the best possible move, whether it is across campus or to a new city.

Final Preparation Before Moving

2 Months

  • Begin by creating a folder for all important documents, such as your lease and any contracts you have pertaining to the new rental agreement.
  • Decide what you want to move and what you need to get rid of. This will help to reduce clutter when going to your next location.
  • If you are going to use a moving service it is important to get a couple of different bids. Make sure to watch out for hidden costs.

1 Month

  • Get packing supplies (boxes, tape, labels).
  • Begin cleaning out any closets or drawers that contain items that are rarely used. This will help to reduce a lot of stress before you move.
  • It is always a good idea to clean as much as you can while packing. This will reduce your time spent cleaning when you are trying to move out.
  • Go to the local post office or online at and fill out a “change of address” form.
  • Contact all of your current service companies and set a date for disconnecting your services and setting up new ones at the location you are moving to. 
  • Create a place for important documents to be kept, such as insurance cards, social security cards, birth certificates, and passports.

2-3 Weeks

  • Begin packing. Start with the items that you do not use frequently and progress to the more frequent items.
  • Remove all items that you do not plan on moving. This could be an old couch that will not fit into your new place or something you just do not want to bring with you. If it is in moderate condition donate it to a local thrift store.
  • Return all borrowed items and collect any items that have been lent out.
  • If you live in an apartment where you need to check out with your current landlord or property owner, schedule it at this time. This will ensure that you get your deposit back in a timely manner.

1 Week

  • Finish the majority of all packing a couple of days before your move date. (It may be a good idea to pack a separate bag with essentials that you will need during your move, such as toiletries and clothing.)
  • Confirm with landlord on the exact time and date of your move.
  • Contact any friends or services that agreed to help you move a couple of days before the move so that you can arrange a time to start moving.

Information Provided By: University of Missouri Off-Campus Student Services