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Be Safe in Your Home

  • Report all crime and any suspicious activity to the Columbia Police Department (911).

  • Keep your doors and windows locked at all times, especially when you are alone, sleeping, or when the apartment is unoccupied (even if you only leave for a few moments).

  • When someone knocks on your door, determine who is on the other side before opening it. Have a repair or service personnel show official identification and confirm their presence with the person requesting the service. Delivery persons should remain outside to await the person requesting the delivery.

  • Be sure you have blinds or curtains on your windows to discourage people from looking in. Always keep your windows covered at night.

  • All outdoor lighting fixtures should be in working condition.

  • Place valuable items out of sight and in locked areas.

  • Make sure your car is always locked and that any valuables left in the vehicle are locked in the trunk or placed out of view.

  • Make a list of your valuables- Computers, stereos, jewellery, etc… Take photos of the items, list their serial numbers and descriptions. Check with law enforcement about engraving your valuables through operation identification.  This information will be helpful for insurance purposes in case something happens.

  • For a free home security survey for a residence within city limits, contact the Columbia Police Department Crime Free Housing Programs Coordinator at 573-874-7426.