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For Rent

Where to Start

Before renting a property out to a tenant, a landlord should be familiar with all relevant regulations and expectations. Make sure their property is livable and complies with all building and housing codes. Provide written notice to tenants when ownership of the property is transferred to a new landlord. Do not unlawfully discriminate and be familiar with all fair housing ordinances. Also, do not raise rent or change any other lease provisions without giving the tenant proper notice (generally one month’s written notice from the date rent is due unless the lease says otherwise).

Know the City's Regulations Regarding Rental Units

All rental property within the city limits of Columbia must have a current Certificate of Compliance. Rental regulations apply to all dwellings that are rented including apartment houses, rooming houses, two family dwellings or single family dwelling units.

Owners must apply for a Certificate of Compliance by submitting an application for their rental property. An application consists of the completed form, the proper fees and a HVAC certification form. The application forms and instructions can be found on our website.