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Solar Rebates and Incentives

Solar Rebates

Columbia Water & Light offers a one-time $500 per kilowatt rebate for qualifying solar systems.   Contact Water & Light, at (573) 874-7325, to schedule a rebate inspection.

There is a 10 Kilowatt cap on Columbia Water & Light’s solar system rebate.  If you are planning to install a larger system, please contact Water & Light about the possibility of a special arrangement.

Solar Tax Credits

Until 2016, the Federal government offers a tax credit for installing a solar system for up to 30% of the cost.  Visit the Energy Star website for more information.


Net Metering

Columbia Water & Light will pay the customer’s current electric rate for the delivered solar generated electricity when the utility retains the Renewable Energy Credits (REC).  The customer will receive a credit based on the avoided average energy market price at the Columbia pricing node.  Visit Water & Light's Net Metering website for more details.


Estimated Costs and Savings

Costs of PV equipment are dependant on the type of system, where it is installed, the efficiency rating, the manufacturer/retailer and labor costs.  A two kilowatt system installed in Columbia is estimated to cost at least $8,000, before rebates.  After deducting a $2,400 federal tax rebate, and a $1,000 Columbia Water & Light rebate, the final cost would be $4,600. A one kilowatt rated solar system in Columbia generally produces between 1,200 and 1,400 kilowatt hours in one year.